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S2E05 – How to strengthen your strengths – Helen Marshall CLO at Thrive Learning

Practical Leadership Podcast
Practical Leadership Podcast
S2E05 - How to strengthen your strengths - Helen Marshall CLO at Thrive Learning
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In this podcast episode, I had the pleasure of welcoming Helen Marshall, Chief Learning Officer at Thrive Learning and thought leader in our lovely learning and development industry. Helen shared her journey to becoming a people leader, highlighting the role that joy plays in effective leadership. Her insights on professional and personal development were insightful, urging people to harness their strengths and actively seek mentorship.

During our chat, we delved into the unique challenges that women often encounter when it comes to embracing their expertise and conquering imposter syndrome. Helen and I both shared personal stories of our own experiences as managers, learning valuable lessons from our mistakes along the way. It was a reminder that growth and development are forever – and that even the most seasoned, well matured, (insert other euphamism for ‘old’) leaders have room to learn and improve.

One of the key takeaways from our discussion was the significance of building connections and fostering a sense of community. Helen emphasized the transformative power of human connection, both in the workplace and in our personal lives. By cultivating meaningful relationships and creating a supportive environment, we can truly thrive and bring out the best in ourselves and those around us.

Join me as we share Helen’s wisdom and expertise in the learning and development industryand provide a fresh perspective on leadership and personal growth.


  • The journey to becoming a people leader [00:02:23]
    Helen discusses her natural affinity for leadership and how she always aimed to manage a team.
  • Developing yourself by leaning into your skills [00:05:50]
    Helen advises individuals to focus on strengthening their strengths and seeking mentorship or coaching to identify and verify their skills.
  • The importance of external perspective [00:09:34]
    Helen emphasizes the value of having a coach or mentor who can provide an outside perspective and help identify blind spots and strengths.
  • The Bad Taste of Self-Promotion [00:10:52]
    Discussion on the historical perception of self-promotion and the gender differences in how it is perceived.
  • Learning from Mistakes in Giving Feedback [00:13:14]
    A personal experience of giving feedback in the wrong way and the lessons learned from it.
  • Women In: Creating a Community [00:18:37]
    Introduction to the Women In platform, its purpose of connecting women in various sectors, and the growth of its community through a WhatsApp group.
  • The Transition from Teaching to Freelancing [00:20:45]
    Discusses the increasing number of teachers transitioning to freelancing due to challenges in education.
  • The Power of Human Connection [00:21:44]
    Highlights the importance of building real human connections and the impact it can have on individuals.
  • Recommendation: The Resilience Handbook [00:23:46]
    Mentions a book called “The Resilience Handbook” and expresses excitement about reading it again.
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