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S2E06 – How to cure impostor syndrome – with Tajan Renderos leadership coach

Practical Leadership Podcast
Practical Leadership Podcast
S2E06 - How to cure impostor syndrome - with Tajan Renderos leadership coach
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In this podcast episode, I had the opportunity to interview Tajan Renderos, a remarkable leadership development coach, author, and trainer. Tajan shared her journey with me, shedding light on her path to becoming a coach and delving into her specialization in leadership development. It was fascinating to hear about the challenges she faced when transitioning from an individual contributor to a people manager, and how she overcame them. One particular topic that resonated with me was her advice on conquering imposter syndrome, which I found valuable.

Towards the end of our interview, Tajan expressed gratitude to her younger self for having the confidence to pursue her interests and embark on this incredible journey. It was a powerful reminder of the importance of self-belief and taking risks in order to achieve our goals.

For those who are interested in connecting with Tajan, she can be found on LinkedIn, where she regularly shares valuable content. Additionally, her website is a treasure trove of resources and insights that can benefit anyone looking to enhance their leadership skills.

See her recent TEDx talk here.


*The journey to becoming a coach [00:00:57]*
 Tajan Braithwaite Renderos discusses how she discovered her passion for coaching and the process of formalizing her training.

*Transitioning to people management [00:03:34]*
Tajan shares her experience of moving from an individual contributor to a people manager in a public health consulting company.

*Addressing imposter syndrome [00:05:20]*
Tajan explains the common struggle of imposter syndrome among first-time managers and provides mechanisms to challenge self-doubt and build confidence.

*The Imposter Phenomenon and Tough Conversations [00:11:07]*
Discussion on the imposter phenomenon and the importance of developing skills for having tough conversations.

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