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S2E03 – How to survive the future of work – with Barry Vorster

Practical Leadership Podcast
Practical Leadership Podcast
S2E03 - How to survive the future of work - with Barry Vorster
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Barry Foster, an expert in leadership, technology, and the future of work, discusses various topics in this podcast episode.

He addresses the changing landscape of work due to technology advancements and emphasises the importance of reskilling and upskilling to adapt to the evolving demands of the workforce. Barry also talks about the impact of COVID-19 on the workplace and the need for organisations to embrace digital and hybrid working.

He emphasises the role of emotions in decision-making and criticises the lack of emotional empathy in organisations. Barry encourages continuous learning and challenges the notion that only young people can learn and innovate.

He concludes by discussing the value of non-traditional career paths, the joy of reading, and the importance of recognising the potential of individuals of all ages.


The Fear Mongering of Consultants and Media [00:07:01]
Discussion on how consultants and media provoke fear about the future of work to continue their careers and generate attention.

The Speed of Change and Impact on Jobs [00:07:52]
Exploration of the rapid pace of technological change and its potential impact on various industries and job roles.

Rediscovering Wisdom in the Knowledge Age [00:10:18]
Consideration of the opportunity to gain wisdom and insight in the face of technological advancements and the potential for new careers and industries.

The importance of emotional decision-making [00:11:23]
Discussion on how humans make decisions based on emotions rather than rationality, and the role of technology in understanding this.

Rationalization and lack of empathy in organizations [00:12:33]
Exploration of why modern organizations have moved away from recognizing and addressing the irrationality of human behavior, and the impact of efficiency and lack of emotional connection.

The need for continuous learning and resilience [00:16:44]
Importance of individuals continuously learning and adapting to fast-changing times, and the role of governments and organizations in facilitating learning opportunities.

The Future of Work [00:22:08]
Discussion on the changing nature of work, the value of trades, and the importance of learning new skills.

The Importance of Reading [00:25:10]
The benefits of reading, including staying informed, expanding neural pathways, and the impact of fiction on creativity.

Terry Pratchett and Satire [00:26:12]
Appreciation for Terry Pratchett’s books, their satirical nature, and their reflection of modern life.

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