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S2E01 – How to avoid getting old – with Dominique Ben Dahaou & Ellen Kocher

Practical Leadership Podcast
Practical Leadership Podcast
S2E01 - How to avoid getting old - with Dominique Ben Dahaou & Ellen Kocher
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Only 8 % of companies include age in their Diversity initiatives.

It’s time to WUSUT – Wake Up Shake Up Thrive

People over 50 are washed up, past it, done.

People under 50 should pay attention, because what’s happening, will happen to them. (The alternative to getting older is rather more dramatic.

We discuss the 3 big scenarios for (everyone?) the over 50s:

  1. You have an itch to do something more / new / different
  2. You’re on your way out of your company (by your own choice or not)
  3. You’re getting ready for retirement / or a major life change

How can 5 generations work together in a work place?

Did you know, entrepreneurs over 50 are 5 x more likely to succeed?


They are:

  • Richer
  • Better networked
  • More resilient
  • More experienced
  • More ready to take risks – they have what they need already.

Ellen Kocher and Dominique Ben Dahaou join me to put the world to rights.

Entrepreneur Article:

Resource Hub:

The itch to do something different [00:10:22] Helping the 50 plus generation make a change and reevaluate their current job situation.

Employees in their 50s needing outplacement support [00:11:15] Discussion on assisting employees in their 50s who are being let go from their jobs.

Helping employees clarify their true brand at work [00:12:17] Explaining how they are helping employees understand their unique skills, talents, and strengths and how to effectively showcase them in the workplace.

Challenging biases about older employees in the workforce [00:20:08] Addressing the societal bias against older employees and the need to support them emotionally and help them rebuild their self-esteem after losing their jobs.

The importance of older workers [00:24:14] Highlighting the value of experienced employees and the need for companies to retain and utilize their skills and knowledge.

The aging workforce and the need for workforce planning [00:26:29] Exploring the demographic challenges of an aging population and the potential shortage of skilled workers in the future.

Preparing for retirement [00:29:38] the shift in mindset around retirement and exploring opportunities beyond traditional hobbies and leisure activities.

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