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42. How to make the most of flexible work – with CEO & Co-founder of Flexa, Molly Johnson-Jones

Practical Leadership Podcast
Practical Leadership Podcast
42. How to make the most of flexible work - with CEO & Co-founder of Flexa, Molly Johnson-Jones
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In my latest episode, I had the pleasure of talking with Molly Johnson-Jones, CEO of Flexa, about how to truly embrace and make the most out of flexible working. Flexa is a company that specializes in helping organizations create genuinely flexible working environments, and Molly has some fantastic insights to share.

Molly and I discuss the importance of setting clear expectations and frameworks to help employees thrive in a flexible environment. We delve into the common misconceptions about flexible working and the importance of transparency in job descriptions. We also touch on how crucial it is for senior leadership to role model flexibility and lead with trust.

Are you curious about how to improve your organisation’s flexible working culture or want to learn more about the benefits of offering genuine flexibility to your team? Then this episode is perfect for you! Molly’s enthusiasm for flexible working is infectious, and her insights are invaluable for any leader looking to create a more adaptable and resilient workforce.

So, grab your headphones and join us for an engaging and informative conversation that will have you rethinking your approach to flexible working. Don’t miss out on this chance to learn from a true expert in the field! Listen now to the Practical Leadership Podcast’s latest episode with Molly Johnson-Jones.

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