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40. How to build trust and safety with your team – Jimmy Burroughes leadership developer

Practical Leadership Podcast
Practical Leadership Podcast
40. How to build trust and safety with your team - Jimmy Burroughes leadership developer
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Jimmy Burroughes, a former British Army captain turned Business Leadership Management coach.

Jimmy shared his journey from his first management role during the Gulf War to becoming a coach, and we bondedn on the importance of focusing on the basics and building on solid ground. (A house built on sand…)

He described the leadership training at Sandhurst, which is all about building trust, consensus, communication, and connection. He says that a leader’s job is to seek ideas and input and gain subject matter expertise from those around them, but that the responsibility to make the decision ultimately rests with the leader.

We also discussed the importance of building trust in the workplace, starting with safety, both physical and psychological. Jimmy shared his seven-point plan for building trust, which starts with safety, followed by authenticity, listening, embracing different perspectives, challenging assumptions, staying focused, and following through.

We wrapped up the conversation with five practical takeaways from the podcast, including focusing on the basics, being humble, communicating and connecting, seeking input, and taking responsibility.

I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I enjoyed making it.

Come with me and let’s dive in and drink from Jimmy’s fountain of hard-earned wisdom.

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