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Learn the simple secrets to better management.

Become the manager you wished you always had

Avoid making the usual newbie mistakes. 

Give yourself the tools to be a stress-freeeffective and successful manager from day one.

Be confident for a reason

  • Banish Doubt, earn respect: Every new manager faces doubts. Our course helps you overcome them, make decisive choices, and earn respect from your team and peers.
  • Build Competence: Tackle challenges head-on with a newfound confidence and clarity, making your managerial journey smoother.

Learn fast or fail slow

  • Sharpen Your Skills: Refine your skills with our tailored curriculum, and make a positive impact from the outset.
  • Personal Growth: Each lesson is a step toward becoming the manager you want to be, nurturing your personal and professional growth.

What's your next job?

  • Climb Higher: Your promotion is a testament to your hard work and capabilities. My course sets you on a fast track toward recognition and career growth.
  • Build Success: Conquer challenges, earn recognition, and build a lasting legacy of success in your organization.

Become the manager your people need

Become the manager you wished you always had

Here’s what people are saying about the New Manager Playbook course:

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Simon Haines, Co-founder & Chief Commercial Officer, Simply Ltd.

Paul has led us to meaningful improvements in how we work and the focus we have brought to our
His direct, practical, outcome-oriented advice is distinctive, actionable and hugely valuable.

Linda Britten Shaw, Head of People & Finance,

The sessions are to the point and very focused on a single topic. Length is 30 mins, so good to take a break with a cup of tea and learn and engage. Then plenty of time to put into practice during the day. It’s all relevant and useful. Giving feedback, one to ones as well as interviewing. The exercises push me out of my comfort zone!

Bertha Mizzi, Head of customer success, Skillcast PLC.

I have picked up so many new ideas and put them into practice already. Thank you It was a very interactive program. I loved that Paul, although leading the session, included us in all points – getting us to share our experiences.

Owen Brown, Account Manager, Skillcast PLC.

As I am new to the leadership role, I found this series extremely impactful and highlighted a lot of very helpful information for me.

Max Brent, Founder & CEO, Chef Partnership.


I really feel the shorter sessions allow time to really reflect on the key learnings from each session – whilst also leaving plenty of brain-space for the rest of the day. A nice journey from start to finish in terms of progressing Leadership skills – with tangible things you can take out and apply to everyday work. The most valuable parts were Difficult situations/conflict – for a couple reasons: Firstly, because it was nice to know everyone has the same issues with these, but also to get some tangible and useful steps and processes to handle them.

Ruth Penfold-Brown, Coach | Advisor | Fractional CPO


It’s been super useful.

✅ I love the little history soundbites.

✅ I love your humour as you take us through.

✅ You give great insight to topics that can be a little challenging to cover in a fun way.

What's inside the course?


“The value a new manager will get from this course is humongous . If I had known half of this stuff, I wouldn’t have made nearly as many ridiculous mistakes starting out”


Rathna Kumar

Director of Account Management, Chargebee

Unlock The New Manager Playbook Instantly


✔ 2.5 short hours

✔ 18 practical video lessons you can use today.

✔ 10-20 minutes each

✔ Huge swipe file of tools, guides, worksheets – 50+ pages

Leading yourself

Leading others

The full curriculum

The secret of high performance

  • Learn how to learn and get high performance out of yourself and your team.
  • Understand how inspirational leaders do what they do.

1. Ten essentials of leadership

It starts with us, but it’s not all about us.
We need to look after ourselves and our own development, building our own strengths and finding the time we need to do the job of looking after our teams.
But it’s not all about us.
So we start with our mindset – we are here to serve.

2. Managing from strength

In this session we look at how you go about managing from strengths.

We’re going to turn conventional wisdom on its head and instead of trying to fix weaknesses we’re going to be improving strengths.

3. Managing your time & priorities

In this session we’re going look at how best to manage your time and set the right priorities.
The two techniques we’ll look are Timeboxing and the Eisenhower priority matrix.

We’ll also use a well proven method of finding at least 25% of your time back and re-organising your calendar for high performance.

4. The power of "no"

When you’re choosing activities to take part in or tasks to take on – what you say no to defines you as much as what you say yes to.
Everything you say yes to means that somebody else’s goals, tasks or objectives have suddenly become your priority.

5. Impostor syndrome

We’re going to look at what Imposter syndrome is, and some techniques for reframing your own experiences and view points to accept that we’re all human, flawed and yet wonderfully complex and perfect in our own unique way.
Reflecting on your own experience and feelings on imposter syndrome can help you in turn to help others.
You voice is needed and if you hold back – we all lose out.

6. Procrastination

Procrastination is linked with imposter syndrome, is linked with an ability to say no, is linked with managing your time and priorities and ultimately with managing yourself.

This session we will look at how to focus on getting on with it . We’ll look at a few different strategies and one major productivity idea to get going that’s been around since 1918 if not before.

7. Handling stress as a manager

Research has shown that stress can sometimes be positive. It makes us more alert and helps us perform better in certain situations. However, stress has only been found to be beneficial if it is short-lived.

We explore powerful ways to use and manage stress in this deeply personal session, including access to meditation tracks unavailable anywhere else.

8. How to listen

I’m sure you have heard that we all have two ears, one mouth, we should use them in proportion?
You know when you have been listened to. You feel listened to.
Importantly – you feel heard.
What you need is called active listening, reflective listening or looping back – the idea is not to communicate from you to them, but to discover more from them to you.

9 Hiring with data.

From the manager’s point of view – we’re looking for someone who is smart and gets things done. That’s it.
From the candidate’s point of view most hiring process are terrible
From the hiring manager’s point of view most hiring process don’t exist!
Hiring well will eliminate 80% of any problems you might have as a manager. Hiring badly will cause you an eternity of pain.

Let’s learn how to solve all of these at once!

10. Setting expectations

You set expectations to get things done.
We want to be setting expectations following Tight Loose Tight as a guideline.
Tight about what we want and when
Loose about how it can be achieved
Tight about how we will follow up, measure, and hold the person accountable

11. Holding people accountable

Holding people accountable for the work you want them to do is core to getting things done.

Holding people accountable is a combination task – it requires a few simple steps to build – but can be transformational in how you lead and manage – and ultimately – deliver on your and your team’s objectives.

12. Giving feedback that develops people

Most leaders and managers don’t have a system for giving feedback. So when they do give it, it’s painful for everyone.

Reframe it and think of Observations instead – you have observed something that might be useful for the other person to know.

13. Difficult conversations

  • The hardest conversations are usually the most powerful and transformative . That’s why they are hard.
  • Learn to build on the feedback formula and how to plan ahead for transformative conversations. 

14. Practical Delegation

  • Good delegation requires some simple steps , starting with knowing what to delegate , why and to whom.
  • Learn to use Tight Loose Tight and structured communication to make sure you get what you need done. 

15. Practical 1:1 meetings that work

  • You drive your business forward in your weekly 1:1 sessions. 30 mins each week with 15 mins prep.
  • Learn to use a clear, repeating structure so you are predictable, and don’t miss anything.
  • Take away a great weekly tracking tool to use so you can share your plans.

16. Practical coaching

  • People who are coached are more successful . You don’t need to know the answers.
  • Learn to use an easy coaching model and take away dozens of great questions starting with “what do you think our options are?”

17. Firing with compassion

  • To fire someone with compassion you first need to be sure that you’ve done everything possible to make them successful.
  • Learn how to deliver the bad news clearly and directly , give them all the details concerning benefits and pay, and offer your genuine support for their next move.

18. Managing conflict

  • Conflict is a problem wrapped in emotion . Good relationships need conflict in order to develop.
  • Learn how to  use conflict for good,  and how to manage unproductive conflict with your boss , your peers and your direct reports .


Anyone who manages people and wants to get maximum performance out of their team with the least stress.
  • This  ultra-focused leadership course  gives you the absolute essence of solid, successful leadership and management. 
  • It’s the distillation of  2,000 hours of learning. 100s of the best thinkers and writers. 25 years of my pain and struggle  to learn what to do and what not to do.
  • There’s  no fluff – just the Essential Skills  and  Jobs To Be Done  for a successful leader. 
  • I  leave you fully equipped  to build on these skills and develop your own management style – based on my opinions and interpretations and the rock-solid foundations of successful leaders going back from the Ancient Greeks, through to the classical management thinkers and practitioners like Peter Drucker, Jim Collins, Stephen Covey, Dale Carnegie and more. This stuff just works. It’s been around forever for a reason. 
  • You get over  50 pages of Essential guides and Action tips and Worksheets  to help put every step into practice so you can  see results immediately.
  • The video sessions are  short, focused and 100% practical.
  • Other courses are too long and too theoretical. I cover only the essential theory you need to make sense of the practice.  Everything is practical  (the clue is in the name!). 
  • 25 minutes or less  means you can really  focus on just one topic at a time .
  • Digest, consider how to apply and discuss.
  • Get back to work and make an immediate impact.
  • Make an impact the same day  you learn something new.
  • Upgrade your communication skills  immediately .
  • Give better feedback  immediately .
  • Be clearer about your expectations  IMMEDIATELY !

The bonus – my guarantee:

At any time during the first 10 days if you’re not 100% happy –  I’ll refund your course fee in full.  No questions asked.

My name is Paul Morton. I’m British, living near London in the Hampshire countryside.

I’m a very experienced leader and manager with over 25 years of experience in Micro, Start-up, Scale up, Charity and Corporate organisations. I’ve led and managed over 500 people in my career in 10 roles in 5 companies. I’ve coached over 100 people to become better leaders.

Now I’m sharing what I coach online (and in some live sessions too – watch out for them).

You absolutely do not have to listen to me, but leading people and coaching others to do so has been one of the greatest things I’ve done in my career.

I’m a Learning & Development expert as well as Leadership coach and mentor to CEOs and Founders around the world.

You’ll learn how to set yourself and your team up for success.

What the right mind-set is for a great manager (hint: it’s nothing to do with you).

How to get at least 25% of your time back by looking at your calendar in a new way.

How to get work done , keep your people on track, deal with problems when they arise.

Hire. Fire. Coach. Hold 1:1s that actually drive your team forward and that people want to come to.

Everything you need to become a really good manager. Going from good to great? Well, that depends how hard you work from here onwards! But I’ll give you everything you need to be consistent, and successful with immediate impact.

It’s the same system I coach people on when we spend 1:1 time at £500 an hour. It’s the same system I used myself.

No. It’s £49.

That’s like £50, but £1 less to make you think it’s even better value than it is. 😉

Most people’s first manager is someone who is managing for the first time.

So they then carry that bad first impression of management on through their life.

That’s not good.

This isn’t how I make my main living. I just want to give something back to the world a little.

This is just little ol’ me.

I recorded this at home in my garden and home office in Hampshire, in the UK.

No expensive production values, rented studios or mad stuff like that.

I bloody hope so!

I spent about 150 hours working on creating this content and pulling together all the resources for you, so you don’t need to do what I’ve done.

I’ve read nearly every management book in print. And some not in print. I’ve tried, failed, tried and failed again until I built out this system that I’m sharing for not very much.

I’ve designed this course to be practical – full of tools and impact delivering ways of working. It’s not a book you read once and leave to gather dust behind you on a Zoom call. It’s a video based course with a system you should use every day, dropping into and revisiting frequently when you need to.

About 10 minutes. Seriously.

Depending what you start with – giving someone proper feedback, can show impact in their behaviour in literally minutes.

Sure – but not as part of this course.

The course is designed to be self-guided and self-paced.

I run live coaching versions of this course as well as private 1:1 coaching. That costs a little more than £49…

Book a call here if you want to discuss the live delivered version or private coaching.

Yes. As long as you like with nothing else to pay

Click on the “Unlock Lifetime Access for £49” button below and get going today!

New managers who use this playbook are successful get promoted*.

I built this playbook as I learned to lead 500+ people
over 25 years in 10 different roles and 5 companies.

Avoid making the usual newbie mistakes.
Give yourself the tools to be a stress-freeeffective
and successful manager from day one.